The Method

Today it takes more than just a pretty portrait to be noticed.

The Method

Today it takes more than just a pretty portrait to be noticed.

In today’s highly competitive world it is more important than ever for you, as an entrepreneur or professional, to have a strong personal brand to connect and communicate with your potential clients on a deeper level.

The biggest goal and challenge is to differentiate yourself from others in your market and spread a consistent and authentic image across the online platforms.

This is Imaginography

My entire professional career has been dedicated to creating powerful stories and concepts and visualizing them photographically or audio-visually in spaces. I’ve developed a skill for creating atmospheres which evoke specific emotions, setting the protagonist in a context and composing a perfect scene which brings your visual presentation to the point. Compared to other photographers who take conventional corporate portraits, I create photographs and videos which build and support your brand identity, based on my unique method Imaginography, which combines portrait photography with interior design.

My method is based on three fundamental criteria of analysis which, merged together, provide you with a personalized visual concept.

Everybody knows - first impressions count! Your first impression is not your words, but your image.

That’s why we start with an assessment of your current visual presence online. Based on specific parameters, I will analyse how you present your brand and the visual tools you use to communicate with your clients. Does your current style match your product / service? Does your online presence transmit the values of your brand? Does it send the message that you want your clients to receive?

This initial connection and analysis are absolutely essential. Having a deep understanding about you and the values of your brand, allows us to develop a visual concept that is custom made to your brand’s needs.

Every market has its characteristics and an audience with specific expectations. How well does your current image integrate in the market your product / service is assigned to?

Together we will look at successful references in your market and analyse why their visual presence attracts clients. We will then determine what we can do to differentiate your brand from the masses and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

It’s important to understand the demands of your market, your client’s needs and how your competition acts in order to create a visual presence that sends intentional and right messages.

Depending on the visual setting you choose to represent your brand, you can communicate one thing or another. To create an authentic visual presence of you and your work it is crucial to include your workspace and present all the aspects of your workflow.

What does your workspace look like? Does it, based on the knowledge gathered during the stage of the market analysis, match the characteristics of your market and potential client’s expectations? If you currently don’t have your own physical workspace, it is important for me to know how you execute your work. We will discuss important aspects of your workflow and I will find the perfect visual implementation for your photography and/or video session.

The analysis of the three criteria above will serve as the guideline for the transformation of your current image to your new personal or brand identity.

Your image will differ from other conventional corporate portraits, because it is completely contextualized and constructed of all the components that truly define you and your brand. An image that sells!

Let’s create your new brand identity!

Working with Cornelia is a pleasure and the results are great. Cornelia makes you feel very comfortable in a stressful situation. She and the camera become transparent in the way that you do not remember that you are being filmed and you act naturally. The whole process such as the planning of the script, the recording and the editing is very clear and well organized, the communication is very fluid and the delivery on time.

Zofia Stanecka

Dog Trainer (Poland)

Cornelia is a true artist and professional. She made me feel at ease while capturing some great images I’ve used to book gigs for my acting career. I highly recommend!

Monica McCollin

Actress (USA)

Cornelia is a real professional when it comes to putting yourself in the limelight for a portrait. She has a great talent and guides you with a lot of patience and devotion. The results we have received are amazing! I highly recommend her work.

Claudia Baquedano
Content Creator (Brazil)