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Most of the corporative portraits are conventional or just nice studio photos, but out of context and don't communicate anything

Corporate photography, videography, portrait, Barcelona, Basel, Spain, Switzerland


photographer / videographer

More than 10 years of experience in interior design, scenography and photography

I’ve worked with professionals from all fields such as real estate agents, music producers, artists, musicians or actors.

Knowing how to capture moments and play with light and spaces are knowledges that Cornelia undoubtedly has. What makes her really unique, however, is that she takes the time to understand who you are and what you want and thereby achieve unique results. Not only does she analyse the person in front of the camera externally in order to take pictures from the best angle, but thanks to her internal analysis she manages to convey the personality and essence of the person in each photo. It was undoubtedly a very good decision to work with her.

Patrícia Cubells Ricart
Specialist in Paediatric Orofacial Medicine (Spain)

Working with Cornelia Vinzens was extremely pleasant in all phases of the process. Thanks to the impeccable preparation, you could internally prepare well for the upcoming steps. Cornelia has a perfectly trained camera eye - her film is already running in her head before shooting begins – and a keen sense for the numerous nuances of processes and transitions, which made my part as the person in front of the camera immensely easier. In addition, she is very approachable on a human level, which is very helpful when coping with potential stage fright.

Charlotte Blattner
Department of Public Law (Switzerland)

The cooperation with Cornelia was extremely professional and constructive - from the preparation, through the shooting, to the precise completion of the work. The atmosphere during the shoot was very personable and at the same time very concentrated - in mutual exchange we persistently worked towards a good result. She also did an excellent job of editing and postproduction. A throughout beautiful result. It was great fun. Again any time, Cornelia!

David Flepp
Actor (Switzerland)

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